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8th CERN Table Tennis Championship


After the incredible success of the CERN 60th Anniversary Special Table Tennis Tournament (69 participants), won by Imtiaz Ahmed, from CMS, it is time to prepare the annual CERN Championship, which will take place on Saturday August 16, starting at 13:30 at the Meyrin Table Tennis Club.

CERN 60th Anniversary Table Tennis Tournament: From left to right, Javier Martin Montull (semi finalist), Bertrand Mouches (finalist), Imtiaz Ahmed (winner) and Walter Snoeys (semi finalist)

Apparently, table tennis plays an important role in physics, not so much because physicists are interested in the theory of table tennis ball scattering, but probably because it provides useful breaks from their deep intellectual occupation. It seems that many of the greatest physicists took table tennis very seriously. For instance, Heisenberg could not even bear to lose a game of table tennis, Otto Frisch played a lot of table tennis, and had a table set up in his library, and Niels Bohr apparently beat everybody at table tennis. Therefore, as the CERN Table Tennis Club advertises on a poster for the next CERN Table Tennis Tournament: “if you want to be a great physicist, perhaps you should play table tennis”.

Outdoor tables at restaurant # 1 and restaurant # 2

The CERN Table Tennis Club, with the support of the CERN Staff Association, decided last year to install an outdoor table just outside the main cafeteria (Restaurant number 1). Given the success, a second table was installed this year at Restaurant # 2. The TT Club hopes to be able to install a third table next year at Restaurant # 3. These tables are in self-service, racquets and balls are available in the cases attached to the tables, and you are all encouraged to go and try your skills with the little ball. Either, in defying one of your colleagues or in playing double, which is always a lot of fun.

Outdoor table on the terrace of CERN restaurant # 1

CERN Table Tennis Championship

The traditional CERN Table Tennis Tournament (Championship) will take place at the Meyrin CTT club, which is also the home of the CERN Table Tennis Club, 2 rue de Livron, 1217 Meyrin, on Saturday, August 16, 2014, in the afternoon (starting at 13:30). It is open to all CERN staff, users, visitors and families, including of course summer students, who are strongly encouraged to participate.

To register, simply click on “Register to the Tournament” on the CERN Table Tennis Club Web page, and fill out the form:
NOTE: inscriptions will close on Friday, August 15, at 18:00
For any question, send an E-mail to Jean-Pierre Revol or to

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