Make a 21st century phone call

Want to avoid roaming charges? Click to call anyone at CERN? How about merging your CERN landline with your existing smartphone? That's all easily done with Lync, CERN's new opt-in service that can take your calls to the next level.


The Lync application on Windows (left) and iPhone (right).

Lync unites CERN's traditional telephone service with the digital sphere. "Lync gives you the gift of mobility, by letting you access your CERN landline on the go," explains Pawel Grzywaczewski, service manager of the Lync system. "Once you've registered your CERN telephone with the service, you can run the Lync application and make calls from a range of supported devices. No matter where you are in the world - be it simply out to lunch or off at an international conference - you can make a CERN call as though you were in the office. All you need is an Internet connection!" Following a recent upgrade, CERN's Lync service now has full mobile phone support for Androids and iPhones.

The fruit of a collaboration between the OIS and CS Groups in the IT Department, CERN's Lync service provides an alternative to traditional landlines. "CERN telephones are not being replaced except when requested," says Francisco Valentin Vinagrero, a CERN telecoms engineer. "These traditional phones are robust and are already part of the CERN infrastructure. But those who choose to 'migrate' to the new Lync system can take full advantage of the many new features." Click-to-call? E-mail? Instant messaging? Manage your call forwarding settings? All are just one button away through your Lync application.*

Migrating is easy: simply make a phone request through EDH. Before it's approved, you'll need to order a Lync IP phone (a landline) or choose to rely on the Lync application. "We recommend the Lync IP phones for reliability," says Valentin. "If you only use the application, you will not be able to make or receive calls unless your device is on. That being said, many tech-savvy people choose to stick with their computer and headset!"

Since its launch earlier this year, Lync has received very positive feedback from its early adopters, who say it provides a new level of convenience for calls. Lync has also become an excellent way for groups to save on costs, by avoiding high roaming fees on CERN mobiles. "Lync is currently racking up almost 35,000 minutes a month on calls," says Grzywaczewski. "There's no telling how much has been saved in that time!"

So take your office phone into the 21st century. Visit the CERN Lync website to find out more - including how to search the CERN Directory, make video calls, receive e-mail notifications for missed calls and more.

* Available on Windows/Mac computers as well as iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

by Katarina Anthony