A quantum physics poetry competition

What do you think happened when six world-renowned poets from six European countries met eight famous CERN scientists to talk about the Universe and the Higgs boson? Six poems about new quantum physics discoveries were born from this exciting collision of literature and science in an intimate and spontaneous setting!


Express yourself through poetry: this is the call from POPScience, a European Researchers' Night 2014-15 project supported by CERN. The general public can discover the mysteries of particle physics using a series of texts and thematic videos as well as clips of the meetings of the poets and CERN scientists available on the POPScience website.

The Big Bang, an expanding Universe, dark energy, matter, antimatter and supersymmetry: what are they and do they exist?  The general public is welcome to give an answer in a poem by signing up to the competition. Poems can be submitted in English, French, Italian, Danish and Spanish; the selected entries will be translated and published in all five languages alongside the work of the poets taking part in the project.

You need to have an app that can read QR-codes to download the poems, such as e-pub or i-book. Otherwise, you can find the e-books as well as the competition rules and plenty of other information on the project online:

Please note: the deadline for submitting poems is 30 October 2014.

by Susanna Wong