Mystery photos: challenge No. 2!

In the last issue of the Bulletin, we launched a public appeal for information to identify some CERN pictures that have recently been digitised by the CERN Library. The response has been huge. The story was picked up on many websites and discussion forums all over the Web, and hundreds of people sent in their suggestions. Time for a new challenge.


Many thousands of CERN's archived pictures are currently being scanned and uploaded to the CERN Document Server. While most of these pictures can be matched to existing historical information, many are harder to identify. Following the recent article in the last issue of the Bulletin, we have received submissions in five different languages from a dozen countries. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has contributed their answers.

We have now identified all of the pictures highlighted in the last issue of the Bulletin and we are updating the records accordingly. You can see them all hereTo see a complete list of matched albums that we have checked so far, click here.

Some people went further than our challenge set, digging into the archives and submitting suggestions for other pictures. Some of these are below, along with some of our recent favourites:

Now we would like to ask again for help identifying the following pictures. Like last time, we have put some (semi-serious) captions to get you started, but we really want to find out the truth about these pictures:

Can you help us with any of the pictures above? If you think you know what they show, please email us.
This digitisation project is a joint effort between the Collaboration and Information Services Group (IT-CIS) and the Scientific Information Service (GS-SIS).

by Alex Brown, Jens Vigen