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UNOSAT joins the fight against Ebola

Hosted at CERN, UNITAR’s UNOSAT programme examines global satellite imagery for humanitarian use. Whether they're providing maps for disaster response teams or assessing conflict damage to help reconstruction, their detailed reports are vital tools for aid workers. But how can satellite imagery help during a health crisis like the Ebola outbreak? >>

Bringing science to the policy table

“They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war anymore." So says Isaiah 2:4, as transcribed on the famous wall in Ralph Bunche park, just the other side of 1st Avenue from the UN’s New York headquarters, where we held a celebration of our 60th anniversary year on Monday 20 October. I used the quotation in my opening address, since it is such a perfect fit to the theme of 60 years of science for peace and development. >>

LS1 Report: ALICE ups the ante

SPS up and running... LHC almost cold... CCC Operators back at their desks... all telltale signs of the start of Run 2! For the experiments, that means there are just a few short months left for them to prepare for beams. The CERN Bulletin will be checking in with each of the Big Four to see how they are getting on during these closing months... >>

CRISTAL-ISE your project

CRISTAL-ISE, a new version of the CRISTAL data tracking software developed at CERN in the late 90s, has recently been launched under an open source license. The potential for applications of this free software outside particle physics covers several areas, including medicine, where CRISTAL-ISE helps to monitor the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease. >>

Mystery photos: challenge No. 2!

In the last issue of the Bulletin, we launched a public appeal for information to identify some CERN pictures that have recently been digitised by the CERN Library. The response has been huge. The story was picked up on many websites and discussion forums all over the Web, and hundreds of people sent in their suggestions. Time for a new challenge. >>

A neighbourly collaboration

CERN and its host territories in France have created a new partnership aimed at reinforcing and making permanent numerous projects for the people who live in the region. >>

President of Ecuador visits CERN

On Friday, 24 October, Dr. Rafael Correa Delgado, President of the Republic of Ecuador, visited CERN. >>

Behind the scenes of GS: Mapping the future of CERN

Focus on the Future Accelerator Studies (FAS) section at CERN who carry out the civil engineering studies for the Laboratory’s future scientific facilities. >>

Computer Security: Join the CERN WhiteHat Challenge!

Over the past couple of months, several CERN users have reported vulnerabilities they have found in computing services and servers running at CERN. All were relevant, many were interesting and a few even surprising. Spotting weaknesses and areas for improvement before malicious people can exploit them is paramount. It helps protect the operation of our accelerators and experiments as well as the reputation of the Organization. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to those people for having reported these weaknesses! Great job and well done! >>

Ombud’s corner: Do you believe in ghosts?

“Ghosting” is the common term used to describe situations when a piece of work is done by somebody but credited to somebody else. Ghosting often occurs in creative fields, such as writing texts, music, developing graphic charters or translating. Let’s celebrate Halloween this year by acknowledging the contributions of all the CERN ghosts who work tirelessly behind the scenes in all areas of the Organization. >>

News from the Library: Scientific Information Service - service interruption

Techniques de l'Ingénieur has been part of the selection of databases offered by the Scientific Information Service for the last five years. >>

Colin Ramm (1921 - 2014)

One of the CERN's pioneering figures , Colin Ramm, passed away on 23 June. >>

Louis Dick (1921 - 2014)

Louis Dick, a CERN experimental physicist of international renown, passed away on 14 July. >>

Bruno Zumino (1923 - 2014)

Bruno Zumino died in Berkeley, California, on 21* June, aged 91. His name is mainly associated with the formulation of supersymmetry in four-dimensional space–time. >>

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CHIS – Letter from French health insurance authorities "Assurance Maladie" and “frontalier” status  
Subsidised energy prices in France: TPN – Tarif de première nécessité (“Basic needs” electricity price) and TSS – Tarif spécial de solidarité (special solidarity price for natural gas)  
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The 2014 French health campaign reminds us that “flu must be taken seriously”  
2015 Latin American School of High-Energy Physics | Ibarra, Ecuador | 4 - 17 March 2015  


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Wright Colloquium | Les secrets du soleil | 10-14 November  
CERN Library | Edoardo Amaldi presents "The adventurous life of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, physicist (1903-1966)" | 11 November  
Workshop | CERN openlab IT in Healthcare | 11 November  
Academic Training Lectures | Instrumentation | 12-14 November  
Public conference | Past, present future: LHC and future possibilities | Michelangelo Mangano, Lucie Linssen and Günther Dissertori | 20 November  
THE Port: hackathon at CERN | Starts soon! | 31 October-2 November  

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