CERN & Society launches donation portal

The CERN & Society programme brings together projects in the areas of education and outreach, innovation and knowledge exchange, and culture and arts, that spread the CERN spirit of scientific curiosity for the inspiration and benefit of society. Today, CERN & Society is launching its "giving" website – a portal to allow donors to contribute to various projects and forge new relationships with CERN.


"The CERN & Society initiative in its embryonic form began almost three years ago, with the feeling that the laboratory could play a bigger role for the benefit of society," says Matteo Castoldi, Head of the CERN Development Office, who, with his team, is seeking supporters and ambassadors for the CERN & Society initiative. "The concept is not completely new – in some sense it is embedded in CERN’s DNA, as the laboratory helps society by creating knowledge and new technologies – but we would like to do more."

The CERN & Society programme is funded primarily by individuals, trusts, organisations and commercial companies around the world. They give through the CERN & Society Foundation, a public-benefit foundation based in Switzerland, which follows the CERN Policy for Ethical Fundraising. "The Foundation allows a fundraising structure that is otherwise not possible for CERN, and creates a clear separation between CERN research and the CERN & Society activities," says Castoldi. Through the foundation, the public can donate to the various projects that fall outside CERN's core remit of fundamental science, which is paid for by contributions from the Organization's 21 member states.

To be eligible for the initiative, each project must have a clear and direct impact on society. Current examples include the beam line for schools project, which makes a working beam line available for use by high-school students; the OPENMED research facility for biomedical studies; and the Collide@CERN residency programme, which sponsors artists to visit CERN to seek creative inspiration. "With the help of donors and supporters we can really make a change and bring direct benefits from CERN to society," says Castoldi.

If you would like to know more about CERN & Society projects or donate to a project, check out the website. And if you have got a project at CERN that you think would be eligible for help from the CERN & Society Foundation, contact the Development Office.

by Cian O'Luanaigh