Yoga club

A new yoga course is starting on Tuesday evenings in B504-E-005 from February 3rd till July 7th.

The course is Power yoga (also known as Dynamic yoga), it is a modern and western discipline inspired by Ashtanga yoga.

An intense physical work-out will lead you to a meditation in motion, it is highly effective in relaxing and refreshing your mind.

More flexible than traditional yoga styles, each posture is linked to the following via a sun salutation (vinyasa), building a creative flow that varies from class to class.
In each lesson lasts one hour and half will train your body and mind in strength, cardio-vascular resistance, flexibility, equilibrium and concentration.

Your teacher, Alice Maria Donati ( is a young theoretical physicist with a great passion for yoga.

She trained as a yoga teacher in Spain over the past two years, and taught several classes in the Yogana Center of Granada.

Her specialties are hatha and power yoga, with special focus on postural corrections and physical safety as in the Iyengar style.

Tuition will be in English.

by Yoga club