Lifelines: faces and breaths from Palestine

The “Lifelines” drawing exhibition, which evokes the culture and atmosphere of Palestine, is on display in the Main Building from now until 5 April. Income from the sale of drawings will contribute to funding specialised training for the young artist behind the drawings.


"François Englert and Peter Higgs" by 17-year-old Islam Mahmoud Sweity.

Islam Mahmoud Sweity is a 17-year-old artist living in Beit Awwa, a small village in Palestine. Her talent in capturing people’s feelings and reproducing them on paper has already led to her participating in many local exhibitions and reaching the finals of the Palestinian TV show “Best Talent” in 2013.

Sweity’s 21 artworks include portraits of women and men, friends of the artist. You will also recognise Mandela and, surprisingly, even physics Nobel Prize laureates Englert and Higgs! The portraits have also inspired two poems: one by physicist and poet Beatrice Bressan, the other by a retired CERN staff member.

The income from the sale of the drawings will help Sweity continue her art studies. The exhibition and the collection are supported by the CERN Staff Association.