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Places available - Technical training (up to the end of 2015)

Please find below all the upcoming courses (until December) that are currently missing participants, required for the courses to take place. >>

Places available - Technical management courses (up to the end of 2015)

Please find below the courses in the field of technical management scheduled up to the end of 2015 and which have places available. >>

News Articles

AWAKE starts the equipment installation phase  
LHC Run 2 – reaching the top of the learning curve  
LHC Report: a very productive hiatus  
A very cool cooling system  
The new young face of the Pension Fund  
Researchers’ Night 2015: exploring science in movies, comics, poetry and games  
Road safety: take it seriously  
CERN servers go to Mexico  
CALET docked on the ISS  
From the CERN web: LHCb, ATLAS, ILC and more  
Computer Security: your car, my control  
Ombud’s Corner: stuck in conflict – why me first?  
Maurizio Lo Vetere (1965 - 2015)  

Official News

Documents issued by the french ministry of foreign affairs and international development  
109TH ACCU Meeting  
15 September: Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund  
Education fees – New forms  


Are you a movie lover? Do you enjoy speaking other languages?  
Roof renovation of buildings 128 and 129  
Summer Restaurant opening times  
Going on holiday? Travelling on duty? Do you know what to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen?  
Work on the Building 4 car park and closure of Entrance A  
Traffic modifications on Routes Rutherford, Democrite and Fermi  


Conference: “Space and Research: Which future for the coming generation” | 18 September | Uni Mail  
Diversity in Action workshop | 18 September | Business Centre Technoparc  
Academic training lectures | The outlook for energy supply and demand | 14 - 16 September  
Lecture | Accelerating innovation... in medicine: cancer research on the ALICE accelerator | 28 September  

Staff Association

Révision quinquennale 2015 : la dernière ligne droite  
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Cricket Club  
Cine Club  
Micro Club  
Petanque Club  
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