ICTR-PHE: scientists engage with multidisciplinary research

In 2016, the next edition of the unique conference that gathers scientists from a variety of fields will focus on many topics particularly dear to the heart of physicists, clinicians, biologists, and computer specialists. The call for abstracts is open until 16 October.


When detector physicists, radiochemists, nuclear-medicine physicians and other physicists, biologists, software developers, accelerator experts and oncologists think outside the box and get involved in multidisciplinary research, they create innovative healthcare. ICTR-PHE is a biennial event, co-organised by CERN, whose main aim is to foster multidisciplinary research by positioning itself at the crossing of physics, medicine and biology. At the ICTR-PHE conference, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists share their knowledge and technologies while doctors and biologists present their needs and vision for the medical tools of the future, thus triggering breakthrough ideas and technological developments in specific areas.

One of the main new themes of the third edition of the conference is large-scale computing. A wide range of medical applications already relies on computing and simulation tools initially developed for particle physics, but more could be done. Indeed, CERN currently provides computing and data services through an efficient cloud-based provisioning model built on open-source software and state-of-the-art data storage and management software. Computing grids originally developed to deal with the enormous amount of data coming from the experiments are ideal tools for a wide range of biomedical activities, from screening drug candidates and image analysis, to sharing and processing health records. CERN also has experience in the development of data anonymisation and privacy protection solutions to support privacy compliance, which is key to the safe exchange of medical data.

The high standards set by the ICTR-PHE conferences have not only garnered an impressive scientific community, but also ever-increasing interest and participation from industry. ICTR-PHE 2016 will offer opportunities for companies to contribute to the success of the conference through sponsorship and to exhibit their products and services at the technical exhibition, which takes place in the hall of the conference centre. For the first time, a dedicated start-up and SME corner will be created to give visibility to innovative smaller up-and-coming companies.

If you are interested in contributing to the conference, please visit this page. If you wish to receive additional information on the technical exhibition, please contact ICTR-PHE-exhibitor-sponsor-support@cern.ch.

by Antonella Del Rosso