From the CERN web: top quarks, incubation centres, TEDxCERN and more

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The figure shows the data in the search for the rare s-channel single-top production after the background events have been subtracted.

ATLAS presents new top physics results
17 September - ATLAS Collaboration

This week, physicists from around the world are gathering at the Top 2015 workshop in Ischia, Italy to discuss the latest measurements of the top quark. As the heaviest known fundamental particle, the top quark plays a special role in the search for "new physics". In results presented at Top 2015, the ATLAS collaboration combed through their high-precision Run 1 LHC data to see if the top quark is behaving as predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. ATLAS also presented new measurements of top-quark production at high-energy (13 TeV) from early analyses of the ongoing Run 2 of the LHC.

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New partnership encourages businesses to develop CERN tech
16 September – by Harriet Jarlett

The latest Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies (BIC) agreement was signed on 16 September in conjunction with the Helsinki Institute of Physics and Tampere University of Technology. The BIC will support businesses and entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas in fields broadly related to CERN activities – bridging the gap between basic science and industry.

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A beamline for school - Safety first
14 September - by Harriet Jarlett

Spending a day of the school holidays learning about health and safety may not be many students' idea of fun. But that’s exactly what the young scientists from the Beamline for schools contest spent last Friday doing.

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One month to go until TEDxCERN “breaks the rules”
9 September – CERN press release

On Friday, 9 October, CERN will be hosting a TEDx conference for the third year running, this time on the theme of “Breaking the Rules”. Providing a platform for visionaries in fields such as science, novel technologies and education, the event, sponsored by Rolex, will take place on the CMS site in Cessy, France.

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Event display of a central Pb–Pb collision.

ALICE investigates ‘snowballs in hell’
26 August - CERN Courier 

The main goal of the ALICE experiment at the LHC is to produce and study the properties of matter as it existed in the first few microseconds after the Big Bang. Such matter consists of fermions and bosons, the fundamental entities of the Standard Model. Depending on the temperature, T, only particles with mass much less than T are copious. For T < 1 GeV, or about 1,013 K, these are the u, d and s quarks and the gluons of the strong interactions. In addition, there are of course photons, leptons and neutrinos.

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