CERN Library | Herwig Schopper and Luigi Di Lella present "60 Years of CERN Experiments and Discoveries" | 10 March

"60 Years of CERN Experiments and Discoveries" edited by Herwig Schopper and Luigi Di Lella.

Presentation on Thursday, 10 March at 4 p.m.
in Room C

The book is a compilation of the most important experimental results achieved during the past 60 years at CERN - from the mid-1950s to the recent discovery of the Higgs particle. It covers the results from the early accelerators at CERN to those at the LHC and provides an excellent review of CERN's achievements. Not only presented is the impressive scientific progress achieved during the past six decades presented, but also is demonstrated the special way in which successful international collaboration exists at CERN.

The book has been reviewed in the January-February issue of the CERN Courier: see here.

Thanks to an agreement between CERN and the publisher, the e-book is available online Open Access.

60 Years of CERN Experiments and Discoveries
Edited by Herwig Schopper and Luigi Di Lella
World Scientific, 2015
ISBN: 978981466318

by CERN Library