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In September 2015 the Taekwondo section of the CERN Martial Arts Club has been deeply renovated.

We improved the quality and quantity of the trainings: two courses per week are now held by a Taekwondo 5th dan master. We already organised two special workshops during weekends, open to both club members and general public.

From the beginning of the semester, the Taekwondo section counted more than 30 enrolments. The level of participation in the trainings is constantly excellent, fostering enthusiasm for this traditional Korean martial art.

Taekwondo is a discipline adapted to all ages, sex and physical condition: the only requirement to start is being ready to have fun and willing to relax after often stressful working days.

Our trainings start with a short "cardio" phase followed by stretching, fundamental in order to master Taekwondo techniques. The core of the training, then, covers the three main aspects of this discipline: soft one-to-one fighting, encoded simulated combat choreographies called “poomsae”, and self-defence. Even if the techniques are more focused on kicks, the arms and all the body are used in Taekwondo, allowing an harmonic training of body and mind.

My personal reasons to love Taekwondo: I can focus my energy fighting against my limits; I keep improving my ability to control my body and retain concentration under stressful conditions. Progress in Taekwondo is a step by step process: set your target and work to get it!  Finally, if you are a warrior: competition are open to any level and you can alway test yourself!

Regardless of your starting level the result is the same: having fun, training within a friendly group and getting fit!

If you are curious about Taekwondo, visit our website and join us for a free training session!

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