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Optimization of the beta-beam baseline / Benedikt, Michael (CERN) ; Fabich, A (CERN) ; Lindroos, M (CERN) ; Hancock, S (CERN)
The beta-beam concept for the production of intense electron (anti-)neutrino beams is now well established.A baseline design has recently been published for a beta-beam facility at CERN. It has the virtue to respect the known limitations of the PS and SPS synchrotrons at CERN but it falls short of delivering the requested annual rate of anti-neutrinos. [...]
EURISOL-12-23-2005-0002.- 21/12/05 - Published in : Nucl. Phys. B, Proc. Suppl. 155 (2006) 211-213 Fulltext: PDF TXT;
In : 7th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams, Frascati, Italy, 21 - 26 Jun 2005, pp.211-213

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EURISOL 100 kW Target Stations Operation and Implications for its Proton Driver Beam / Noah, Etam (CERN) ; Gerigk, Frank (CERM) ; Lettry, Jacques (CERN) ; Lindroos, Mats (CERN) ; Stora, Thierry (CERN)
EURISOL, the next European radioactive ion beam (RIB) facility calls for the development of target and ion source assemblies to dissipate deposited heat and to extract and ionize isotopes of interest efficiently. The EURISOL 100 kW direct targets should be designed for a goal lifetime of up to three weeks. [...]
EURISOL-03-21-2008-0017; CERN-AB-2006-055.- Geneva : CERN, 25/11/08 - 4 p. Fulltext: PDF TXT; External links: Published version from JACoW; Access to fulltext document
In : 10th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 26 - 30 Jun 2006, pp.1807-1809

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Radioactive Ion Beam Production by Fast-Neutron-Induced Fission in Actinide Targets at EURISOL / Herrera-Martínez, Adonai (CERN) ; Kadi, Yacine (CERN) /EURISOL DS Collaboration
The European Isotope Separation On-Line Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (EURISOL) is set to be the 'next-generation' European Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) facility. It will extend and amplify current research on nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics and fundamental interactions beyond the year 2010. [...]
EURISOL-02-23-2006-0008; CERN-OPEN-2006-052.- Geneva : CERN, 11/09/06 - 8 p. - Published in : PoS: FNDA2006 (2006) , pp. 020 Fulltext: PDF TXT; External links: Published version from PoS; Access to fulltext document
In : International Workshop on Fast Neutron Detectors and Applications, Cape Town, South Africa, 3 - 6 Apr 2006, pp.020

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Prospects for a Large Hadron Electron Collider (LHeC) at the LHC / Klein, M (Liverpool U.) ; Aksakal, H (Nigde U.) ; Bordry, F (CERN) ; Braun, H H (CERN) ; Brüning, Oliver Sim (CERN) ; Burkhardt, H (CERN) ; Chattopadhyay, S (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech.) ; Çiftçi, A K (Middle East Tech. U., Ankara) ; Dainton, J B (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech.) ; de Roeck, A (CERN) et al.
Sub-atomic physics at the energy frontier probes the structure of the fundamental quanta of the Universe. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN opens for the first time the “terascale” (TeV energy scale) to experimental scrutiny, exposing the physics of the Universe at the subattometric (~10^-19 m, 10^-10 as) scale. [...]
CERN-LHeC-Note-2008-003 ACC.- Geneva : CERN, 2008 - 3 p. Access to fulltext: PDF; External link: Published version from JACoW
In : 11th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Genoa, Italy, 23 - 27 Jun 2008, pp.WEOAG01

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Fast beam conditions monitor (BCM1F) for CMS / Hall-Wilton, Richard (CERN) ; Lange, Wolfgang (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Macpherson, Alick (CERN) ; Ryjov, Vladimir (CERN) ; Stone, Robert L (Rutgers U.)
The CMS Beam Conditions and Radiation Monitoring System (BRM) [1] is composed of different subsystems that perform monitoring of, as well as providing the CMS detector protection from, adverse beam conditions inside and around the CMS experiment. This paper presents the Fast Beam Conditions Monitoring subsystem (BCM1F), which is designed for fast flux monitoring based on bunch by bunch measurements of both beam halo and collision product contributions from the LHC beam. [...]
2009 - Published in : 10.1109/NSSMIC.2008.4775050
In : 2008 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and 16th Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop, Dresden, Germany, 19 - 25 Oct 2008, pp.3298-3301

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Beam stability in the SPL-Proton Driver accumulator for a Neutrino Factory at CERN / Benedetto, E (CERN)
Longitudinal and transverse instabilities in the isochronous accumulator for the CERN proton driver are studied, in order to find cures and set limits to the machine impedance..
CERN-BE-2009-037; CERN-NEUTRINO-FACTORY-NOTE-156; CERN-NUFACT-Note-156.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 5 p. - Published in : AIP Conf. Proc. 1222 (2010) 283-287 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 11th international workshop on neutrino factories, superbeams, and beta beams, Chicago, IL, USA, 20 - 25 Jul 2009, pp.283-287

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Impact of beam-beam effects on precision luminosity measurements at the ILC : main results / Rimbault, C (Orsay, LAL) ; Bambade, P (Orsay, LAL) ; Mönig, K (DESY) ; Schulte, D (CERN)
2007 - 5 p. External link: Fulltext
In : Linear Collider Workshop 2007 and International Linear Collider Meeting 2007, Hamburg, Germany, 30 May - 3 Jun 2007, pp.MDI17

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Update on the Status of BDSIM / Malton, S P (Royal Holloway, U. of London) ; Blair, G A (Royal Holloway, U. of London) ; Agapov, I (CERN) ; Latina, A (CERN) ; Dadoun, O (Orsay, LAL)
2007 External link: Fulltext
In : Linear Collider Workshop 2007 and International Linear Collider Meeting 2007, Hamburg, Germany, 30 May - 3 Jun 2007, pp.APY01

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LHC challenges and upgrade options / Brüning, Oliver Sim (CERN)
The presentation summarizes the key parameters of the LHC collider. Following a discussion of the main challenges for reaching the nominal machine performance the presentation identifies options for increasing the operation tolerances and the potential performance reach of the LHC by means of future hardware upgrades of the LHC and its injector complex..
2008 - Published in : J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 110 (2008) 112002
In : International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Manchester, UK, 19 - 25 Jul 2007, pp.112002

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The CERN Super Proton Synchrotron as a tool to study high energy density physics / Tahir, N A (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Schmidt, R (CERN) ; Brugger, M (CERN) ; Assmann, R (CERN) ; Shutov, A V (IPCP, Chernogolovka) ; Lomonosov, I V (IPCP, Chernogolovka) ; Piriz, A R (Castilla-La Mancha U.) ; Hoffmann, D H H (Darmstadt, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Deutsch, C (Orsay) ; Fortov3, V E (IPCP, Chernogolovka)
An experimental facility named HiRadMat, will be constructed at CERN to study the impact of the 450 GeV c−1 proton beam generated by the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) on solid targets. This is designed to study damage caused to the equipment including absorbers, collimators and others in case of an accidental release of the beam energy. [...]
2008 - Published in : New J. Phys. 10 (2008) 073028

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