CERN Technical training 2008 - Learning for the LHC: Special workshop demonstrating reliability with accelerated testing

Larry Edson’s workshop will show examples of quantitative reliability predictions based upon accelerated testing and demonstrate that reliability testing during the prototyping phase will help ascertain product shortcomings. When these weak points are addressed and the redesigned product is re-tested, the reliability of that product will become much higher. These methodologies successfully used in industry might be exceedingly useful also for component development in particle physics where reliability is of the utmost importance.

This training will provide participants with the skills necessary to demonstrate reliability requirements using accelerated testing methods. The workshop will focus on accelerated test design that employs increased stress levels. This approach has the advantage of reducing test time, sample size and test facility resources. The methodologies taught are applicable to all types of stresses, spanning the electronic, electrical and mechanical worlds.

By observing failures of installed equipment, the taught principles can also be applied to estimate the reliability of mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment used at the LHC.

This class uses extensive real-life examples to teach the practical "How To" of the most efficient accelerated test methods available today. Accelerated test methods for mechanical and electrical devices will be explained and practised in class following an explanation of the sciences that support their use. Class time will be organized by failure mechanism. The physics of each failure mechanism will be explained, both at a science level and at a practical level. The major Stress-Life models that apply to each of the failure mechanisms will be explained through examples in class. The majority of the class time will be spent learning exactly how to apply the accelerated test methods and their associated Stress-Life models to common test requirements.

Larry Edson has 33 years of experience in the Quality and Reliability field, working for General Motors. Larry’s career at GM has progressed from junior quality engineer to his current position overseeing new reliability method development and global implementation within GM and its supplier base.

If you are interested in following this training, please sign up via the training catalogue – and keep in mind that places are limited.

Organisers: Erik VAN DER BIJ / TS-DEM / 78645, Silvia SCHUH / HR-SMD / 79871