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Cosmic success at LHCb

LHCb has been touched by the cosmos. For the first time the team has measured cosmic rays hurtling through three of the experiment’s sub-detectors simultaneously, selected by muon triggers. >>

Last crystals for the CMS chandelier

In March, the last crystals for CMS’s electromagnetic calorimeter arrived from Russia and China. Like dedicated jewellers crafting an immense chandelier, the CMS ECAL collaborators are working extremely hard to install all the crystals before the start-up of the LHC. >>

LHC 2008 Open Days
The enthusiasm is shared by all

A couple of weeks on, people are still talking about the Open Days held on 5 and 6 April. The record number of visitors and the commitment of the hundreds of personnel who took part served to strengthen links within the Laboratory. >>

Higgs discovered at Open Days

Like his eponymous particle, Peter Higgs can be elusive. However, for the momentous occasion of the Open Days there was a chance, if you were lucky, to catch a glimpse of him. >>

British Minister over the moon after visit to CERN

The UK Minister for Science and Innovation, Ian Pearson MP, recently visited CERN. >>

LHC 2008 lectures
The LHC: an accelerator of science

In 2008, CERN will be switching on the greatest physics experiment ever undertaken. The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is a particle accelerator that will provide many answers to our questions about the... >>


(Photo courtesy of Don Davis / NASA)The University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne (EPFL) are organising the 4th series of public lectures on astronomy, on the theme of "Impacts". >>

Explaining the LHC to the general public

We’re looking for volunteers for the "Big Science" exhibition, to be set up for a limited time at the Balexert shopping centre. >>

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