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Standing Concertation Committee

Main issues examined at the meeting of 2 October 2009 The October 2009 meeting of the Standing Concertation Committee was entirely devoted to preparation of TREF’s meeting on 21-22 October. >>

Pension payment dates in 2010

Thursday 7 January Monday 8 February Monday 8 March Wednesday 7 April Friday 7 May Monday 7 June Wednesday 7 July Friday 6 August Tuesday 7 September Thursday 7... >>

News Articles

New code of conduct  
Better in the long run  
Towards the longest run in CERN’s history  
A single chip with multiple talents  
Equal opportunities in diversity  
50 years ago...  
Fruitful meeting  
Big advance towards the LHC upgrade  
Scientists as seen by children—on canvas  
Video interview with Michael Dell  
ACFA and IPAC announce accelerator prizes  
The CinéGlobe film festival opens at CERN and the Forum Meyrin theatre  

Training and Development

CERN Technical training: available places in forthcoming courses  

General Information

CERN Shuttles - Enlarged Regular Shuttle Services as from 8/02/2010  
New types of subscriptions for CERN GSM  
Conference on the treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis  
17th IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference – RT-2010  
News from the Fire Brigade  
French Customs  
Modification of Telecom Lab opening hours  

Staff Association

Resignation at the PFGB  
Open letter to President of CERN Council  
Chronology of a decision forever being postponed  
Latest news  
Nursery school  
Special offer for "Harmony" fitness centres  
Music club  
Concert Club  
Automobile Club CERN  
Yachting Club CERN