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jeudi 29 avril 2009 à 20 h 30
à l’Amphithéâtre principal du CERN (bâtiment 500)

The Cove - La baie de la honte

de/by: Louie Psyhoyos (USA, 2009) 92 min.

avec/with : Richard O’Barry, Louie Psyhoyos, Simon Hutchins

Oscar 2010 “Best Documentary Film at the 82nd Academy Awards”

“U.S. Audience Award at the 25th annual Sundance Film Festival in January 2009”
In a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan lies a shocking secret that a few desperate men will stop at nothing to keep hidden from the world. In Taiji, Japan, former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry has come to set things right after a long search for redemption. In the 1960s, it was O’Barry who captured and trained the 5 dolphins who played the title character in the international television sensation “Flipper.” One fateful day, a heartbroken Barry came to realize that these deeply sensitive, highly intelligent and self-aware creatures must never be subjected to human captivity again. This mission has brought him to Taiji, a town that appears to be devoted to the wonders and mysteries of the sleek, playful dolphins and whales that swim off their coast. But in a remote, glistening cove, surrounded by barbed wire and “Keep Out” signs, lies a dark reality. It is here, under cover of night, that the fishermen of Taiji, driven by a multi-billion dollar dolphin entertainment industry and an underhanded market for mercury-tainted dolphin meat, engage in an unseen hunt. The nature of what they do is so chilling and the consequences are so dangerous to human health that they will go to great lengths to halt anyone from seeing it

English and Japanese with french subtitles

Entrance: free
Projection from DVD

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