CERN in the Media – Video Presentations

You may have seen them around the CERN site – cameramen, reporters and presenters roaming around hallways and cafeterias, interviewing people and doing their best to tell the world about the Large Hadron Collider.

In recent years CERN has dominated the media spotlight when it comes to particle physics. And particle physics has become cool and interesting among the general public. When CERN’s Press Office announces media events, such as the start-up of the LHC in September 2008, the premiere of "Angels and Demons" in February 2009, the twentieth anniversary of the World Wide Web in March 2009 and the LHC First Physics event in March 2010, hundreds of journalists throng to CERN to capture the atmosphere and interview people. These events have resulted in thousands of print articles and hundreds of TV programmes around the world.

Starting on 28 May, the CERN Press Office will be organizing film/news/TV programme presentations during lunchtimes every other Friday. This is your chance to see what the media have produced for the general public. We will show footage from various countries in various languages.

The first film will be The Time Machine by Yariv Friedman (BBD Polymedia – 2008), which focuses on the excitement and anticipation as the start-up of the LHC drew near in September 2008. Friedman visited CERN many times over about a year, chronicling the challenges of bringing the world's largest particle collider to life. The film captures the human side of the project, as well as providing insight into the scientific breakthroughs that many physicists hope to make.

The English version will be shown in the Main Auditorium from 13:00 to 14:00 on 28 May, followed by the French version from 13:00 to 14:00 on 11 June . Everyone is invited to attend. 

by Carolyn Lee