Pop-up particle physics

You may remember noticing a pop-up Big Bang on your way to Restaurant No. 1 last November, as part of the Library’s book fair. This was just one page from a rather original project to make a pop-up book about particle physics. The book – Voyage to the Heart of Matter, the ATLAS experiment at CERN - will be launched in the USA and Canada, in a new silver edition.


The book proved a popular Christmas gift in the UK when it was released last November - copies on sale there sold out in under two months. The new print run will go on sale in Australia and the UK, in addition to Canada and the US.
It will be launched to the press during the week of the New York book fair and will befollowed by a public event at the New York Academy of Sciences on 25 May.

You can purchase a copy at the ATLAS secretariat, the Library or the Building 33 shop for 30CHF.

For more information about the launch event, see http://www.nyas.org/ATLAS.

by CERN Bulletin