Editorial - The winter Atomiades

As we wrote in our previous editorial, the Staff Association gives direct support to sports events, such as the Atomiades, a section of the Association of Sports Communities of European Research Institutes, which brings together sportsmen and women from 38 European research centres in 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Russia, and Switzerland).

The summer Atomiades take place between the months of June and September every three years. Thirteen such events have taken place since 1973, the last one in June 2009 in Berlin. As far as the winter Atomiades are concerned, also organized every three years, and alternating with the summer Atomiades, there have been eleven since 1981, the last one at the end of January this year in neighbouring France. The following article tells the wonderful adventure of the CERN staff who took part in this event.

A positive outcome for CERN skiers at the winter Atomiades

The 11th Winter Atomiades took place at La Clusaz from 22nd to 29th January 2011. This event was organized by the Association of the Sports Communities of the European Research Institutes (www.asceri.eu) and brought together 15 research centres with almost 260 participants.

Teams from centres such as ESRF, FZ Karlsruhe, JRC Karlsruhe, PSI Villigen, CEA Cadarache, FZ Rossendorf, FZ Julich, HZ Berlin, AIT Seibersdorf, JRC Ispra, CEA Fontenay-aux-roses, JRC Petten, CEA Saclay, and ILL competed in an atmosphere conducive to friendly exchanges between athletes.

CERN could not miss such an event. A small delegation thus set off from CERN to defend the colours of our Organization.

Jean-Louis Grenard, Franck Jouberjean, Simone Campana, Giuseppe Lo Presti, Niels Dupont-Sagorin, Pier Paolo Trapani, Holger Neupert, Cyril Perot, Juliette Blanchet, Werner Zapf, Lennart Jirden, Gregor Grawer, Alexandre Lossent, and Bruno Lenski performed to the best of their ability in a spirit of fun and fair play, each in their own discipline and age category.

This team of 14 “athletes” made CERN proud by winning no less than 9 gold medals and 4 silver medals in cross-country skiing and one bronze medal in downhill skiing, against much larger teams, such as those from ESRF (40 participants) and ILL (50 participants). These results put our institute in third position in the medals table.

These Atomiades also enabled us to get to know both the different members of the team, as well as the competitors from other institutes. Some also met up with old “adversaries”, while others made new acquaintances.

This week was therefore of great benefit as far as both sport and friendship were concerned, and all participants would like to thank the CERN Administration and Staff Association for their support.

Our only disappointment was that we were not able to be on the general ranking of institutes, which required a team of at least two female competitors in downhill and cross-country skiing. Therefore, more than ever we need you, so that we can do even better at the next event which will take place in Austria in 2014.

Therefore make good use of the next three years. Come to the CERN ski club lessons (cross-country, downhill or snowboarding)! Learn or perfect your technique. Join up for the Atomiades and come and compete against people of your age from other institutes. One thing is certain: all those who skied with us this week had a very enjoyable time.

In the meantime, ASCERI looks forward to seeing you at the next summer Atomiades at Saclay (near Paris) in June 2012.

If you would like to receive information about these events, please subscribe to the e-group: atomiade-information-group or consult the web site: www.cern.ch/atomiades

by Staff Association