Luis Álvarez-Gaumé to speak at El Ser Creativo 2011

During the weekend of 19 October, 2011, Madrid will host this year’s El Ser Creativo – a three-day conference celebrating new ideas that can change the world.


Over the course of the conference, 21 speakers will have the chance to share their opinions and ideas for 21 minutes each – the estimated time that the human brain is able to maintain complete focus. Among the Nobel Prize winners, scientists, doctors, and thinkers invited to this year's conference is Luis Álvarez-Gaumé, a theoretical physicist at CERN. Having made significant contributions to the understanding of gravitation, minimal supergravity theory and supersymmetry, Álvarez-Gaumé was an obvious choice to be invited to share his thoughts about the theory and reality of current physics ideas with the conference attendees.

A webcast will be available to stream the entire conference live.

by Jordan Juras