Security Bingo

Want to check your security awareness and win one of three marvellous books on computer security? Just print out this page, mark which of the 25 good practices below you already follow, and send the sheet back to us by 31 October 2011 at either or P.O. Box G19710.


Winners[1] must show that they fulfil at least five good practices in a continuous vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. For details on CERN Computer Security, please consult

I personally…


…am concerned about computer security.

…run my computer with an anti-virus software and up-to-date signature files.

…lock my computer screen whenever I leave my office.

…have chosen a reasonably complex password.

…have restricted access to all my files and data.

…am aware of the security risks and threats to CERN’s computing facilities.

…protect confidential documents and do not make them public.

…am vigilant before opening mail attachments.

…understand the risks of clicking on strange links.

…regularly patch my computer.

…will never disclose my password to someone else.

…do not run prohibited applications.

…have brought my mouse to the CERN Computer Animal Shelter.

…respect copyrights and do not share music or films.

…immediately delete “Phishing” emails.

…do not run file sharing applications.

…never install plug-ins.

…never type my CERN password at Internet cafés.

…know how to contact Computer.Security

...have never installed rogue wireless access points.

…have followed one or more security training sessions.

…do not store my music or films in a public place.

…have read, understood, and agree to the CERN Computing Rules.

…have distinct passwords for CERN, Facebook, Amazon, and others.

…protect my laptop against theft.


[1] In the event of more than three credibly correct replies, we will draw from the pool of replies.


by Computer Security Team