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New course “Selecting the best person for CERN”   >>

Safety Training: places available in February 2013

There are places available in the forthcoming Safety courses. For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue. >>

English courses

Cours d'anglais général et professionnel La prochaine session se déroulera du 4 mars jusqu’au 21 juin 2013. >>

News Articles

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Success and adaptation  
LHC Report: Run 1 – the final flurry  
Enhanced personal protection system for the PS  
The LHC goes 3G  
Hangout with CERN: Lights, web-cam, action!  
All fired up  
ISOTDAQ: another successful trigger and data acquisition school  
Hacking control systems, switching… accelerators off?  
Ombuds’ corner: Is the number of cases involving women related to their percentage in an organization?  
News from the Library: Knovel, a technical information portal for the engineering community  
Josef Hofmann (1940 – 2012)  

Official News

99th ACCU meeting  
TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE PERSONNEL: Summer work for children of members of the personnel  


IMPORTANT: Fluke is recalling Digital Clamp Meters  
Cessation of electronic delivery of Microsoft software for home use  
Where students turn into teachers: the sixth Inverted CERN School of Computing  
Snow, ice… and other reasons to be cheerful!  


Book Presentation | 27 February  
Physics Colloquium | 25 February  

Staff Association

Recherche sans budget, Europe sans avenir  
Dancing club  
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