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Women in science: a necessity

Although the original title of the panel discussion held at the UN's Palais des Nations had a question mark at the end, no participant was left in any doubt: involving girls in science should be a priority for any educational system, and science cannot be done without women. >>

UN Observer Status - a chance to re-engage

Last week, I took part in a major UN forum for the first time since CERN was granted observer status. The occasion was ECOSOC, the UN’s Economic and Social Council, which is holding meetings in Geneva throughout July. >>

LS1 Report: a hot summer

As announced in the Bulletin 08-09/2013 (see here), a new access and safety system is being installed across the whole injector chain. This work is progressing according to plan and should be completed by the end of the year. >>

No more escape for particle jets in ALICE

Particle jets are key tools for physicists to probe the quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter that existed a few moments after the Big Bang and that is reproduced in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC. The ALICE experiment is being upgraded to include a new calorimeter arm designed to extend significantly its capabilities to detect and measure jets of particles. >>

Practical exercises in diversity

On 4 July, the Bulletin took part in an interactive workshop in the framework of the CERN Diversity programme. And it was time very well spent. Read on… >>

In the hot seat…

Members of the CERN Fire and Rescue Service and the Swiss fire services* have been taking part in a series of experiments organised by the Federation of Swiss Fire Services (FSSP), designed to test out new materials for fire-fighters’ clothing. Today’s exercise -  being locked inside a burning chamber. >>

A lesson in history and optimism

François de Rose, one of CERN’s founding fathers, has kept his promise. At the celebration to mark his hundredth birthday held at the Laboratory in 2010, he announced that he would come back when the Higgs boson had been discovered.   >>

A cockroach for victory

From 1 – 5 July, CERN had the pleasure of welcoming Céline, Fanny and Ophélia, the three winners of the special EIROforum prize donated by CERN in the EU Competition for Young Scientists 2012 (EUCYS). Between visits to the installations and meetings, the young French women had a memorable week. >>

Next step, the Tour de France?

The penultimate stage of the 2013 Tour de France, the Annecy-Semnoz time-trial, has already been won – by a CERN staff member! >>

On stage at Montreux!

This year, CERN's artists-physicists-musicians will take part in the Montreux Jazz Festival. On 17 and 18 July, join them at Montreux to enjoy the physics of music, or the music of physics. Your choice...! >>

Maths to the rescue!

Do you recall our article on “Creativity@CERN” and the problem of creating good, memorable passwords? Given the feedback we’ve received, it still does not seem to be that easy. >>

Closure of the tunnel linking the CERN sites | Exceptional opening of Gate E

The tunnel linking the CERN sites will be closed to traffic from 19 to 26 July inclusive for the installation of an access system using number-plate recognition. >>

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