ALICE physicists receive 2014 Lise Meitner Prize

On Wednesday, 3 September, four ALICE physicists were presented with the European Physical Society's 2014 Lise Meitner Prize for their outstanding contributions to nuclear physics (see here).


ALICE collaboration members Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg University, Germany), Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI, Germany), Paolo Giubellino (INFN Turin, Italy, and CERN) and Jürgen Schukraft (CERN) were presented with their awards at a private ceremony held in the Globe of Science and Innovation. In addition to members of the ALICE collaboration, the ceremony was attended by members of the CERN Management including the Director-General, Rolf Heuer, as well as the EPS Nuclear Physics Board Chair, Douglas MacGregor, and the EPS Lise Meitner Prize Committee Chair, Victor Zamfir.

For more information, please see "EPS honours CERN's heavy-ion researchers". 

From left to right: Douglas MacGregor (EPS); Prize recipients Jürgen Schukraft, Paolo Giubellino, Peter Braun-Munzinger and Johanna Stachel; and Victor Zamfir (EPS).

by Katarina Anthony