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Université de Genève | Particle Physics Colloquium | 10 September   >>

Live Webcast | 60 years of CERN – 60 years of Science for Peace | 17 September   >>

Internal lecture | LEP I era (1984-1994) | Celebration of Herwig Schopper's 90th birthday | Main Auditorium | 16 September   >>

CERN Library | Cecilia Jarlskog presents "Portrait of Gunnar Källén: a physics shooting star and poet of early quantum field theory" | 16 September   >>

Université de Genève | Particle Physics Colloquium | 24 September   >>

Diversity in Action Workshop | 18 September   >>

Exhibition | CERN Micro Club | 1-30 September

The CERN Micro Club (CMC) is organising an exhibition looking back on the origins of the personal computer, also known as the micro-computer, to mark the 60th anniversary of CERN and the club’s own 30th anniversary. >>

Internal conference in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary | 8 September

Dieter Schlatter and Hans Specht discuss deep inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering experiments at CERN and SPS heavy ion physics. >>

"Science and Peace" symposium to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Council session | 19 September

Friday 19 September 2014 In the tent behind the Globe of Science and Innovation >>

Concert | United Nations Orchestra at CERN | 19 September

The United Nations Orchestra will give a concert on the occasion of CERN’s 60th anniversary. >>

CineGlobe Film Festival presents Particle Fever in celebration of CERN's 60th anniversary | 20 September

The film Particle Fever follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, which marked the start-up of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet, pushing the boundaries of human innovation.  >>

Concert | The CERN Choir hits the high notes | Victoria Hall | 30 September

60 – 40 – 25: a series of numbers that have inspired an exceptional concert. They refer to the 60th anniversary of CERN, the 40th anniversary of the CERN Choir and the 25th anniversary of its direction by Gonzalo Martinez. On the occasion of this collision of anniversaries, the Committee of this CERN club decided to organise an appropriately significant event to celebrate the important worldwide role that CERN has played for 60 years, the fact that the CERN Choir has brought together amateur singers for 40 years, and finally the decisive role in the Choir’s history of its director, Gonzalo Martinez. >>

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Official News

Elections to the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) 2014  
Operational Circular No.2 (Rev. 2) - Conditions of access to the fenced parts of the CERN site  
Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund  

Training and Development

Technical Training: Make the most of Office, Sharepoint and Lync 2013  
Safety training: places available in September 2014  
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ActiWiz – a tool to reduce activation levels in CERN’s accelerators even further  

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Towards a better work/life balance  
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