Doing business with CERN

The Procurement Service, in collaboration with the Communications group’s Design team, has recently launched a new information campaign targeted at companies wishing to supply their products and services to CERN. This campaign comprises:


This campaign is intended for Member State firms with whom CERN is yet to do business. The key objectives are:

  • To emphasise that CERN can be considered a major customer across a wide range of activities;
  • To present CERN’s procurement procedures in a dynamic and digestible way;

Furthermore, a new section called “Having a contract with CERN” is also now available. This section is designed for companies wishing to know more about: CERN’s values, the General Conditions of CERN Contracts, transport and delivery, invoicing, working on the CERN site and the use of the CERN logo, etc.

Developing a coherent message across a variety of media required the development of a clear visual identity incorporating CERN’s values. To achieve this, the Communications group’s Design team worked to put this identity into place using images of CERN buildings, the experiments and particle animations to root the campaign’s message in some of the Laboratory’s iconic elements. As the animation contains a large amount of information, a clean and modern style was selected.