A2 Code - Internal Accident Report. Does it ring a bell?

A2 Code* - It is under this designation (used by the CERN community) that the form for internal accident reports is hidden. More specifically it refers to the CERN Safety Code A2 “Reporting of Accidents and Near Misses” (EDMS: 335502 or here via the official Safety Rules website).


Which events should be declared?
All accidental events, which cause or could have caused injuries or damage to property or the environment, must be reported especially if they involve:

a) a member of the personnel, visitor, temporary labourer or contractor if it occurred on the CERN site or between sites.
b) a member of the personnel if it occurred while commuting or during duty travel.

Who can fill in the report?
The reporting of occurred accidents or near misses should be made by the person involved or by any direct or indirect witness of the event as soon as possible after the event.

Contribute to the improvement of Safety within the Organization

Why make such a report?
Reporting an accident helps prevent other accidents that could have a common cause and/or the reoccurrence of a similar accident. It is equally important to report near misses. Indeed, statistical studies show that the higher the number of incidents the higher the probability of an accident. It is generally recognised that for 600 incidents without injuries or damage, there are 30 accidents with damage to property, 10 minor injuries, and one serious or even fatal injury. Therefore, the prevention of accidents also involves dealing with near misses.

What happens to a report?
Each report is sent according to a predefined and specific routing to the various people responsible for Safety at CERN. These include: the hierarchy of the creator of the report, the TSOs and DSOs concerned, as well as the HSE Unit.

The reports are registered and analysed in order to define the corrective and preventive actions to be taken, either specific to that situation or generic to the CERN domain.

Take a few minutes to fill in an internal accident report
(Safety Code A2)

How to fill in an internal accident report?

1. Log in to EDH
2. Click on "Other Tasks"
3. In the Safety tab, click on "Internal Accident Report"
4. Fill in the form and click on "Send".

For further information please check the following document.

Who to contact if you have questions?
If you have trouble filling in the form or for any other questions, please write to: accident-inventory-admins@cern.ch.

*The A2 Code is different to the HS50 form, which, in accordance with Administrative Circular 14, is to be filled in only in the case of an accident suffered by a person (affiliated to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme) in order to be classified as an occupational accident. This report is independent to the internal accident report (A2 Code).

by HSE Unit