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CERN Library | Events in November

>>> Bill Thompson, journalist and technology critic, talks about "Building a Digital Public Space". >>

University of Geneva | Conferences in November

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Michel Mayor and Didier Quelozof's discovery of the first extrasolar planet, the University of Geneva is organising a lecture featuring the two astrophysicists | On the occasion of the centenary of General Relativity, NCCR SwissMAP together with the mathematics and physics departments of the University of Geneva is organising a series of 4 colloquia. >>

Symposium | Science, technology, innovation & social responsibility | 11 November

It is widely recognised that science, technology and innovation are among the most powerful forces driving social change and development today. Their impact on the progress of humanity will be discussed at this symposium. >>

Conference | The Big Bang and the interfaces of knowledge: towards a common understanding? | 11 November

The third in a series of conferences organised by CERN and Wilton Park, this event will once again bring together scientists, theologians and philosophers to discuss the themes of the nature and understanding of a common language, truth and logic. >>

Academic Training Lectures | The Cosmological Constant Problem | 12-13 November

Please note that the next series of Academic Training Lectures will take place on the 12 and 13 November. The lectures will be given by Antonio Padilla (University of Nottingham, UK). >>

CERN openlab to host innovation and entrepreneurship event | 26 November

Do you have a bright idea for a business? The first-of-its-kind ‘CERN openlab Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event’ is a great opportunity for you to explore it further. The event, which is being organised in collaboration with the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group and IdeaSquare, will take place on Thursday, 26 November. This full-day event is also supported by CERN openlab partner company Intel as part of a joint project (see here) on innovation and entrepreneurship. >>

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Training and Development

Preparing for retirement - new seminars  
Launch of technical training courses for programmers  
Safety Training: places available in November and December 2015  
Places available – Leadership programme (up to the end of 2015)  
Places available - Technical management courses (up to the end of 2015)  
Places available - Personal development and communication courses (up to the end of 2015)  


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Resolution of the Staff Council  
2015 Elections to Staff Council  
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