Resolution of the Staff Council

You were many to attend the public information meetings organised in October and we thank you for your interest.

In this decision phase of the current Five-Yearly Review of our employment conditions they provided an opportunity to review the Management proposals in detail. They were a moment of exchange also on the various topics under review, and your comments were many and very valuable.

Meeting on Thursday 29th October, the Staff Council discussed once more these proposals. It considered that the "package" of proposed measures is not balanced enough in its current form. It decided to formulate additional requests to the Management, relating mainly to the effects of the introduction of the proposed new career system. The resolution adopted this morning also implies that the consultation of staff, originally foreseen next week, is postponed.

The staff Council will reconvene in a special session on Thursday, 5th November to reassess its position depending on the progress made regarding its demands. Detailed information will follow, as well as the consultation expected.

The resolution (see below) was adopted unanimously with one abstention by your delegates. We thank you for your support!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Staff Council, in its session of Thursday, 29th October, 2015,

  • taking into consideration
    • the current proposals of the Management for the outcome of the 2015 Five-Yearly Review as presented to the Member States at  TREF on 13th October, and as set out in the Coordinated Information meeting with HR on 1st October, and the reactions that followed (presentation HR, presentation of the Staff Association);
    • the public meetings in the departments organized by the Staff Association and the reactions that they provoked (presentation of the Staff Association );
  • thanks the President of the Staff Association and his colleagues for the extensive concertation that they have conducted with the Management to try and compose a package of measures as balanced as possible, taking into account the difficult economic situation faced by some Member States;
  • noting that, despite this
    • the Management does not propose to align the level of basic CERN salaries with those chosen as the basis for comparison;
    • in the new career system a large fraction of the staff  will have their advancement prospects, and consequently the level of their pension, reduced with respect to the current MARS system;
    • the overall reduction of the advancement budget will have a negative impact on the contributions to the CERN Health Insurance System (CHIS);
  • doubts that the positive and necessary measures in the area of diversity included in the package of this Five-Yearly Review will suffice on their own to maintain CERN’s competitiveness and attractiveness;
  • demands that
    • all methods, procedures for implementation, and follow-up of the new advancement and  promotion system (transition measures, benchmark jobs, career development interview, competency assessment, equitable career prospects, training, validation of acquired experience, internal mobility, publication of all post available at CERN, etc.) be subject to an agreement in the framework of the concertation in the SCC before the new system is introduced;
    • the cost of any measures related to personnel policy, the implementation of which affects the social security system, be evaluated, and, if necessary, compensated by the Organization in analogy to Article II 1.15 of the Rules and Regulations of the CERN Pension Fund;
  • decides to
    • reject the package of measures proposed by the Management;
    • postpone the consultation of staff;
    • reconvene in a special session on Thursday, 5th November, to reassess its position depending on the progress made in the concertation process for the two demands listed above.

by Staff Association