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The discovery uncovered

Almost exactly one hundred years after the publication of Einstein’s paper on General Relativity, the LIGO and Virgo collaborations have published a paper in which they show a gravitational signal emitted by the merger of two black holes. The signal has been observed with 5-sigma accuracy and is the first direct observation of gravitational waves. >>

Congratulations on the direct detection of gravitational waves

This week saw the announcement of an extraordinary physics result: the first direct detection of gravitational waves by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, which includes the GEO team, and the Virgo Collaboration, using the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, USA. >>

Latest news from the YETS: On the home straight, handover to operations in sight

With the PS Booster already in its hardware commissioning phase and the PS being handed over to the operations teams this week, the injector chain is almost ready for the restart of the LHC run, planned for the end of March. >>

Augmented reality for improved safety

Sometimes, CERN experts have to operate in low visibility conditions or in the presence of possible hazards. Minimising the duration of the operation and reducing the risk of errors is therefore crucial to ensuring the safety of personnel. The EDUSAFE project integrates different technologies to create a wearable personnel safety system based on augmented reality.  >>

AWAKE’s plasma cell arrives at its destination

By harnessing the power of wakefields generated by a proton beam in a plasma cell, the AWAKE project aims to produce accelerator gradients hundreds of times higher than those achieved in current machines. Far from being just a dream, the AWAKE tunnel is progressively being filled with its vital components. This week, the plasma cell has been moved to its final position. >>

When ideas grow up

Challenge: to use basic-research technologies to enhance mobility. A group of Finnish students accepted this challenge in 2014 and now they have come back to CERN’s IdeaSquare to develop their idea: a smart hip protector to protect elderly people in the event of a fall. >>

Love science? Tell us about it and win!

FameLab is the exciting competition for young researchers that is conquering the world of science communication. Last year, the CERN winner, Lillian Smestad, finished in second place at the international festival. Will you do better? >>

From the CERN web: gravitational waves, magic numbers, innovation and more

This section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing...   >>

Computer Security: I know where you have been… since forever!

OK, the “forever” has to be taken with a pinch of salt. But generally speaking, if you were to pass near my office carrying your smartphone, I would be able to find out. It’s all thanks to the wireless communication capabilities of your phone… >>

Upcoming opening of CERN's new Mobility Centre

On 29 February, CERN’s brand new Mobility Centre will open in the Globe car park. The Centre has been created to cater to the transport needs of everyone at CERN, to simplify procedures and to centralise all the transport services on offer: the rental of CERN bikes and cars, the CERN car-sharing scheme and SIXT car rental. >>

Event for the launch of the Georges Charpak postage stamp | 26-27 February | Prévessin site

Opening times of the temporary post office, exhibition and guided tours: >>

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Event for the launch of the Georges Charpak postage stamp | 26-27 February | Prévessin site  
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