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Power Overhead in the LINAC-4 Debuncher Cavity / Tückmantel, J
The LINAC4 debuncher cavity is phase ramped and has to cope with a pulsed beam. We estimate here the required installed RF power..
sLHC-Project-Note-0033; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0033.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 9 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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On the Feasibility of Accelerating Deuterons in Linac4 / Stovall, J ; Lallement, J B ; Garcia Tudela, M ; Ramberger, S ; Crandall, K
The Linac4 normal-conducting linac is comprised of three sections, DTL, CCDTL and PIMS. It is designed to accelerate H-minus ions to a final energy of 160 MeV. [...]
sLHC-Project-Note-0032; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0032.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 11 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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HOM issues in 704.4MHz and 1.3GHz superconducting cavities / Schuh, M
The basic Higher Order Modes (HOM) properties of different elliptical superconducting cavities operating at 704.4MHz and 1.3 GHz are compared for the operation in a high power proton linac..
sLHC-Project-Note-0031; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0031.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 18 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Thermal analysis of MegaDiscaP semiconductor devices / Cravero, Jean-Marc (TE-EPC) ; Benedetti, Mario (UNMDP - Argentina) ; Garcia Retegui, Rogelio (UNMDP - Argentina) ; Maestri, Sebastian (UNMDP - Argentina) ; Wassinger, Nicolas (UNMDP - Argentina)
This technical report presents a thermal analysis of MegaDiscaP semiconductor devices. This analysis evaluates the thermal cycling of representative devices in order to estimate the expected lifetime. [...]
sLHC-Project-Note-0030; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0030.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 14 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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LHC physics debris collimation studies and their impact on AFP detectors acceptance / Roncarolo, F ; Appleby, R B ; Potter, K ; Bussey, P ; Bracco, C
The ATLAS Forward Proton (AFP) group is proposing to upgrade the forward region of ATLAS by installing forward proton detectors at 220 m and 420 m from the interaction point on both sides of the LHC ATLAS experiment. For this purpose, at both the 420 m and 220 m locations, it is proposed to install movable beam pipes which will host silicon tracking and fast timing detectors (i.e. [...]
sLHC-Project-Note-0029; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0029.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 18 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Update of the Linac4-PSB Transfer Line / HEIN, Lutz ; LOMBARDI, Alessandra
The installation of Linac4 represents the first step of the upgrade plans of the CERN accelerator complex for the future in order to raise the available proton flux to attain amongst others the LHC ultimate luminosity. This linac is capable to accelerate H--ions from 45keV to 160MeV, which will be injected into the Proton Synchrotron Booster (PSB). [...]
sLHC-Project-Note-0028; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0028.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 33 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Power dissipation by Higher Order Modes / Schuh, M ; Weingarten, W
The additional power loss due to HOMs in cavities and HOM couplers is estimated as function of the damping with analytic and beam dynamics simulation based models. Based on these results,HOM damping requirements for the Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL) can be defined to limit the additional heat load to the watt level..
sLHC-Project-Note-0027; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0027.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 15 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Cleanroom refurbishment in SM18 within the SPL project frame, feasibility study / Chambrillon, J
Manufacturing of SRF cavities with high gradient (>25 MV/m) requires a good control of the cleaning and assembling procedure. To do so, it has been recommended to update the CERN cleanroom facility in SM18. [...]
sLHC-Project-Note-0026; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0026.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - 12 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Updated end-to-end simulations of Linac4 / Garcia Tudela, M ; Bellodi, G ; Eshraqi, M ; Hein, L M ; Lallement, J B ; Lombardi, A ; Posocco, P A ; Sargsyan, E
After a first definition stage, some changes were applied to Linac4 layout in order to refine some design choices and to improve the performances of the line. Therefore a new campaign of simulations was carried out, to detect mismatched points, and the obtained results are presented in this note..
sLHC-Project-Note-0025; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0025.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 31 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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CCDTL Power Splitting / Posocco, P ; Garcia Tudela, M ; Lombardi, A
In the final version of the powering scheme for Linac4, it is foreseen to have four klystrons for the 7 modules of the CCDTL. In this note we report the possible configurations that can be set with the four klystrons and its impact on the beam dynamics performances..
sLHC-Project-Note-0024; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0024.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 7 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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