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MD1271: Effect of low frequency noise on the evolution of the emittance and halo population / Fitterer, Miriam (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) ; Stancari, Giulio (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) ; Valishev, Alexander (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) ; Bruce, Roderik (CERN) ; Hofle, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Hostettler, Michi (Universitaet Bern (CH)) ; Papadopoulou, Parthena Stefania (CERN) ; Papotti, Giulia (CERN) ; Papaphilippou, Yannis (CERN) ; Pellegrini, Dario (CERN) et al.
For the High Luminosity upgrade the β* in IR1 and IR5 will be further reduced compared to the current LHC [...]
- 2018. - 40 p.
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MD#1826: Measurement of Quench Heater vertical kick / Valette, Matthieu (CERN) ; Wollmann, Daniel (CERN) ; Lindstrom, Bjorn Hans Filip (Uppsala University (SE)) ; Bortot, Lorenzo (CERN) ; Fernandez Navarro, Alejandro (CERN) ; Schmidt, Rudiger (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (DE)) ; Verweij, Arjan (CERN)
Following the observation of vertical orbit oscillations of the LHC beam between the detection of a (beam induced) quench of an LHC main dipole and the beam dump, a study was started to verify that the orbit distortions are caused by the firing of the quench heaters (QH). [...]
- 2018. - 8 p.
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Impact of the ADT on the beam quality with high brightness beams in collision (MD2155) / Buffat, Xavier (CERN) ; Furuseth, Sondre (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) ; Kostoglou, Sofia (National Technical Univ. of Athens (GR)) ; Salvachua Ferrando, Belen Maria (CERN) ; Papadopoulou, Parthena Stefania (CERN) ; Ponce, Laurette (CERN) ; Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo (CERN) ; Suykerbuyk, Ronaldus (CERN) ; Valuch, Daniel (CERN) ; Walsh, David John (CERN) et al.
The results of an experiment aiming at determining indirectly the noise level in the LHC, isolating the contribution of the transverse damper, through their impact on the emittance of colliding high brightness bunches at 6.5 TeV in the LHC are presented..
- 2018. - 12 p.
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Operational Cycle / Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo (CERN)
The LHC has been successfully operated at 4 TeV during 2012 run. An analysis of the critical points of the standard operational cycle has been made, aiming at increasing the performance and the efficiency of the machine. [...]
Geneva : CERN, 2012 - 4 p. - Published in : (2012) , pp. 23-26 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 4th Evian Workshop on LHC beam operation, Evian-les-Bains, France, 17 - 20 Dec 2012, pp.23-26

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Machine Protection Systems Performance And Issues 2012 / Wollmann, D (CERN) ; Ponce, L (CERN) ; Schmidt, R (CERN) ; Uythoven, J (CERN) ; Wenninger, J (CERN) ; Zerlauth, M (CERN)
Operating the LHC with stored beam energies up to 140 MJ (40% of nominal value) in 2012 was only possible due to the experience with and confidence into the machine protection systems gained in the 2 previous running periods-2010 and 2011, where the stored beam intensity was slowly increased. In this paper the performance of the machine protection system during 2012 will be briefly discussed and compared to the previous running periods. [...]
Geneva : CERN, 2012 - 4 p. - Published in : (2012) , pp. 19-22 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 4th Evian Workshop on LHC beam operation, Evian-les-Bains, France, 17 - 20 Dec 2012, pp.19-22

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R2e – Experience And Outlook / Brugger, M (CERN) ; Calviani, M (CERN) ; Garcia Alia, R (CERN) ; Mekki, J (CERN) ; Spiezia, G (CERN)
The period before 2011 and 2012 LHC operation involved several mitigation actions related to R2E (" Radiation to Electronics ") project [1] aiming at keeping SEE (" Single Event Effect ") failures at an acceptable rate. In this respect, 2012 very successful LHC operation has continued to provide valuable inputs for the detailed analysis of radiation levels and radiation induced equipment failures, confirming the estimates provided in Chamonix 2012. Radiation levels around LHC critical areas and the LHC tunnel were studied in detail and compared both to available 2011 measurements and previous simulation results, as well as put in perspective to future LHC operation parameters. Observed radiation induced failures were continuously analysed and addressed through early relocation measures and patch-solutions on the equipment level whenever required and/or possible. [...]
Geneva : CERN, 2012 - 6 p. - Published in : (2012) , pp. 13-18 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 4th Evian Workshop on LHC beam operation, Evian-les-Bains, France, 17 - 20 Dec 2012, pp.13-18

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Crystal Collimation with Lead Ion Beams at Injection Energy in the LHC / Rossi, Roberto (Sapienza Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) ; Aberle, Oliver (CERN) ; Andreassen, Arvid (University of Oslo (NO)) ; Butcher, Mark (CERN) ; Dionisio Barreto, Cristovao Andre (CERN) ; Masi, Alessandro (CERN) ; Mirarchi, Daniele (CERN) ; Montesano, Simone (CERN) ; Lamas Garcia, Inigo (CERN) ; Redaelli, Stefano (CERN) et al.
During this MD, performed on December 2nd 2015, bent silicon crystals were tested with ion beams for a possible usage of crystal-assisted collimation. [...]
- 2015. - 8 p.
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MD2190: Q" Stabilization during injection / Schenk, Michael (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) ; Fartoukh, Stephane (CERN) ; Li, Kevin Shing Bruce (CERN) ; Malina, Lukas (University of Oslo (NO)) ; Metral, Elias (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN)
This MD is a follow-up study of MD1831, where single bunches were stabilized against impedance-driven instabilities at 6.5 TeV in the LHC with Q''. [...]
- 2018. - 11 p.
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Real-Time Schottky Measurements in the LHC / Wanvik, Even Loberg
The accelerator complex at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a diverse collection of machines, tailored for different energy ranges, and concatenated in order to accelerate/decelerate particle beams [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-299 - 68 p.

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Polar Coding for the Large Hadron Collider: Challenges in Code Concatenation / Balatsoukas Stimming, Alexios (CERN) ; Podzorny, Tomasz (CERN) ; Uythoven, Jan (CERN)
In this work, we present a concatenated repetition-polar coding scheme that is aimed at applications requiring highly unbalanced unequal bit-error protection, such as the Beam Interlock System of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Even though this concatenation scheme is simple, it reveals significant challenges that may be encountered when designing a concatenated scheme that uses a polar code as an inner code, such as error correlation and unusual decision log-likelihood ratio distributions. [...]
CERN-ACC-2018-0004.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 5 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Pacific Grove, Ca, United States Of America, 29 Oct - 1 Nov 2017, pp.Asilomar

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