Alcohol abuse, road traffic and safety on the site

In the light of the serious road accident that occurred on 3 February 2008, you are reminded that:

  • the legal blood alcohol limit in force under the Host States’ traffic regulations (0.5 g per 1000 ml of blood) also applies on the CERN site;
  • the consumption of alcohol is forbidden during working hours and is only tolerated in the restaurants at certain times, unless an exception is granted for special events;
  • failure to observe these rules may result in disciplinary action by the Organization, independently of any sanctions that may be applicable pursuant to the road traffic regulations of the Host State concerned.

Furthermore, the Reception and Access Control Service, the site guards and the Fire Brigade have been instructed to stop any driver in an obvious state of intoxication and to ask him to abandon his vehicle on the spot. In case of disagreement, they may also suggest that he submits to a voluntary blood alcohol level test at the CERN Medical Service or Fire Brigade. They will also stop and question any obviously intoxicated pedestrians exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviour and will remind them of the rules in force on the site. If an apparently intoxicated driver still insists on taking the wheel of his vehicle or behaves in such a way as to present a danger to others, the competent services will take the appropriate immediate safety measures and, if necessary, call in the police of the Host State concerned.

Finally, all cases of obvious intoxication by the driver of a vehicle or a pedestrian on the site will be reported to the Organization’s hierarchy.

These simple rules are designed to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Relations with the Host States Service
Tel. 72848

by DSU Department