Your chance to shape internal communication at CERN

Effective internal communication is essential to any organization, particularly one like CERN that is host to a large, varied and geographically widespread community. The CERN Bulletin has for many years been the mainstay of internal communication at the lab, bringing you news about all aspects of life at CERN. From the 1970s to just a few years ago, the Bulletin was a print-only publication, but it has since evolved with the times to embrace the web. Moving forward, we aim to broaden the Bulletin's reach and turn it into a genuine forum for discussion within the CERN community.

One of the first steps in this process is for the CERN communication group to work with the Staff Association to develop a more inclusive form of internal communication, bringing together news from the Management with news from the Association, while also playing an important social role by providing a channel for the Association’s many clubs to reach out to everyone working at CERN. This integrated approach to communication by the Management and Staff Association is in keeping with a long-standing tradition stretching back more than forty years. CERN audiences have traditionally been informed about CERN life via a single channel and as we revamp our internal communication we aim to reinforce this approach.

The first change you will see, as of today, is a new intranet home page (NICE credentials needed). This page does not replace the one you’re all familiar with, which will continue for the immediate future. It is there to invite your feedback, thereby allowing you to help shape the future of internal communication at CERN. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Rolf Heuer and Gianni Deroma