Open your eyes and vote!

The CERN film-making club is organizing the second edition of the CinéGlobe International Short Film Festival and everyone is invited to attend a series of selection screenings in November to vote on which they like and think should be publicly shown in the Globe and at the Forum Meyrin in February 2010.


This year over 700 short films were submitted for three competitions: the majority for the general fiction category for films up to ten minutes in length, and others for science fiction (20 minutes) and science documentary (30 minutes). “In 2007 we had just one competition open to films from any genre. We decided to add the science related competitions to the second edition to make a stronger link with CERN as a physics lab,” explained Quentin King, Chairman of the Selection Committee and member of CERN’s film-making club, Open Your Eyes Films. “The entries are extremely diverse and touch on almost every aspect of life. The creativity of short-film makers is incredible. In 2007 we received entries from over 80 countries; the best represented countries were France and the United States.”  Films with dialogue are required to be spoken or subtitled in either English or French.

He continued: “The aim is to showcase short films to the public in the Geneva area and in so doing to raise the profile of the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation as a venue and of CERN as an open lab that plays a cultural role within the community. The Ville de Meyrin is hugely supportive of the Festival. They are providing two afternoons in the Forum Meyrin and they are co-sponsors of the event alongside CERN. That the new edition is taking place is in part due to the encouragement we received from the Bureau Culturel de la ville de Meyrin following the success of the first edition in 2007.” Some films selected for the CinéGlobe Festival in 2007 also went on to win awards in other festivals.

This next festival will take place from 16 to 20 February with a programming time of ten and a half hours shared between the three competitions. In 2007 there was just half  this time to screen 47 films.

Two awards for each competition will be presented at the end of the festival, including the Golden CinéGlobe 2010 for Best Film attributed by the jury of professionals designated by Open Your Eyes Films (in 2007 the jury included the person responsible for short films from TSR) and the Audience Favourite award voted by the public during the festival. 

Be part of the fun and help the CinéGlobe selection committee to choose the best films by coming to the remaining screenings in the CERN Council Chamber or at the Théâtre du Grütli in Geneva. 

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by Rebecca Leam