The zebras come to CERN

From 23 to 26 November CERN played host to an unusual group of visitors, who arrived in a red-and-white striped camper. On the tenth anniversary of "Les Zèbres”, a children’s broadcast on Swiss radio, the show’s makers invited 8th and 9th grade pupils from Swiss schools to conduct a live broadcast from CERN.

Students in the cryogenic hall: cryolab.

Popular Franco-Swiss host Jean-Marc Richard brought Les Zèbres to the Laboratory with a live broadcast. The idea was to let the children themselves host the broadcast. Accompanied by their physics teachers, pupils from junior secondary schools in Golette, Colombières and Drize were given the opportunity to spend half a day at CERN. Each day, one class came to find out about a particular aspect of the Laboratory and then conduct a live broadcast with Jean-Marc Richard from 12:10 to 12:30. The young people, aged 13 to 15, had a chance to explore the Universe of Particles exhibition, visit CERN’s Control Centre, get involved in demonstrations at the cryogenics laboratory and visit the ATLAS visitors’ centre.

A “zebra forum” was set up for young listeners to share their views about the place of science in society and its usefulness. You can visit the forum here.

To listen to the broadcasts, click here.


by Laëtitia Pedroso