News from the Library: Style matters!

Our daily work almost always involves writing - articles, reports and documents of all kinds. And even if CERN's core activity is hard science, this doesn't mean our writing style and the language we use are not important. The CERN Library is here to help.


In addition to the Chicago Manual of Style mentioned some weeks ago in the Bulletin, the CERN Library now also has two paper copies of the latest edition of the Oxford Style Manual, which is an important reference work for the preparation of manuscripts for publication and includes guidelines on citations, spelling, punctuation and abbreviations.

Thanks to the Library, you can also access important language-related tools in both CERN's official languages such as Oxford Reference Online, giving access to a large choice of dictionaries and handbooks, as well as the Oxford English Dictionary. French speakers can enjoy access to Le grand Robert, one of the most important dictionaries for the French language.
All these dictionaries can be consulted online, both on and off the CERN site (CERN accounts only).

Click here for a list of all dictionaries available at CERN.

by CERN Library