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HiRadMat: materials under scrutiny  
One small step for a tram…  
LHC experiences close encounters with UFOs  
Happy World IPv6 Day!  
Comic book tells the tale of Dark Matter  
Mobile Web: the democratisation of an essential tool  
Robert Aymar awarded the Légion d’honneur  
The Tour du Canton defeats the rainy weather  
The AD: The unique anti-accelerator  
What do passwords and toothbrushes have in common?  
Ombuds’ corner: Controlling our own stress  
News from the Library: Focus on AIP conference proceedings  

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Swiss and French cards - Reminder  
Operational circular No. 1 (Rev. 1) – Operational circulars  

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CCM - Understanding and working with Competencies  


Preparation for Retirement Seminar  
ACCU Meeting  
You are cordially invited to the inauguration of the "Augenblick" exhibition by Laurent Mulot!  
French Post Office on the Prevessin Site - Change of opening hours  

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Cine Club  
Orienteering club  
Petanque Club  
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