Not just for printing: new services from the CERN Printshop

The CERN Printshop is introducing a series of new services to complement its existing ones. Laminating services, conference badges, tubes for posters and a new way of ordering external printing are all now available.


You probably already knew that the CERN Printshop offers some standard printing services, including CERN calendars, business cards and a scanning service. These are detailed in the box below. But it has now added some new services that will be useful for many different purposes at CERN.

Do you need a notice that will last or a protective covering for a document that many people will use? The Printshop is now offering a lamination service for all documents in A5, A4 and A3 formats.

Going to a conference? Or organising a meeting? You can get from the Printshop:

- tubes for posters in various sizes;

- plastic conference badges with pin and clip – don’t forget they can print your conference badges for you as well.

The Printshop will have a limited stock of tubes and badges available. You are recommended to order your items directly via the EDH Lyreco catalogue – for details see the Printshop website.

Some printing jobs need equipment not available at CERN. To facilitate ordering outside work, the Printshop is pleased to announce that it has negotiated new contracts with two external companies: Imprimerie Villière and Imprimerie Romanzin. The procedure to follow, including full contact details, is detailed on the Printshop website.

Should you not wish to use either of these two suppliers, the CERN Financial Rules specify that you must request three bids from other companies and choose the cheapest. All offers, including the rejected bids, must be attached to the DAI.

If you are interested in any of these services, go to the CERN Printshop website for more information and the price list (website accessible only from inside CERN).

Alternatively, phone the Printshop on 72426, or just call in. The Printshop is located opposite the Main Building in Building 510/R-007. Reception opening hours are 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00.


Printing: standard printing services on high-volume, fast machines for producing professional documents in black and white and/or colour in A4 and A3, on paper or card, with a variety of finishes such as stapling or binding.

CERN calendars: copies of the 2012 wall calendar are available on card in both A4 and A3 formats. For bulk orders, please send an e-mail with budget code in advance. The file is also available on the website.

Business cards: please complete the order form.

Scanning service: your documents can be scanned and sent back to you as high-resolution PDF files.


by Natalie Pocock and Joannah Caborn Wengler