News from the Library: Learning a profession at the CERN Library

As you all know, training is very important at CERN, and each year the Organization welcomes thousands of students in various areas. However, did you know that it is also possible to learn the profession of Library Assistant (Agent en Information Documentaire - AID)?


For more than 10 years the CERN Library has been providing apprenticeship posts in information science. This apprenticeship lasts three years, during which apprentices share their time between school and work at CERN. The apprenticeship is governed by the laws, regulations and contracts in force in the Canton of Geneva. If they pass the final examinations, apprentices get the Certificat fédéral de capacité suisse (CFC).

The library has trained some fifteen apprentices - who have then gone on to work in different institutions in Geneva or elsewhere in Europe - and it is continuing its momentum with a new apprenticeship post, available from September 2012.

For more information on apprenticeships in Geneva, please contact the Office pour l'orientation, la  formation professionnelle et continue (OFPC).

For information on AID apprenticeships at CERN, please contact:



by CERN Library