Bike 2 Work

Are you a CERN cyclist? If so, join the Bike 2 Work competition that has just started! The more kilometres you travel by bike, the closer you’ll get to winning…


Yngve Inntjore Levinsen works at CERN, in the BE Department, and is one of the many people who travel to work by bike. Convinced by the benefits and the well-being that this mode of transport brings, he decided to promote it by running a competition. “Everyone working at CERN can participate,” says Yngve. “They just need to sign up on the competition website, or via their Facebook login. Then, participants simply have to report regularly the number of kilometres they cover by bike, travelling between home and work, or during the day between different points at CERN. ”

The competition began on 1 March and will last all year long. The 2012 results will be announced at the end of the year. Of course, the winner will be the cyclist who has travelled the most kilometres during the 10-month challenge.

“To measure the number of kilometres travelled, the participants can use their smartphone, for example,” explains Yngve. “But I think the majority of people already know the distance between their house and CERN. In my case, I live 3 km away from CERN… so, my chances of winning aren’t very good! By the way, I think it goes without saying that we count on the cyclists’ honesty when reporting the distances they have travelled…”

Open exclusively to CERN people, the competition can be joined at any time during the year. If you join later in the year, simply report the estimated distance you’ve travelled since 1 March. “It’s a very good initiative,” says Henrik Nissen enthusiastically, who is President of CERN’s Bike Club. “Maybe it will get more people on their bikes, and it could help solve some traffic and parking problems.”

“The event is officially unofficial,” emphasizes Yngve. “But I hope it will motivate the decision-makers to make cyclists’ travel safer.”

And what will the winner receive? “Well, I’m still looking for sponsorship,” answers Yngve. “So, the only prize I can promise for the moment is honour!”

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by Anaïs Schaeffer