News from the Library: You need never be lost for words again - Oxford Reference Online and Oxford Dictionaries Pro

Whether you are looking for an English word definition or want to check the correct usage of a word, we can offer you a solution: Oxford Reference Online.


It includes a wide range of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, but also subject-specific reference books on physics, astronomy or mathematics. All these works are fully indexed and cross-searchable.

Two highlights from this vast collection of reference works are the Concise Oxford English Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is the online counterpart of the compact, single-volume dictionary of current English language.

As the name says, Oxford Dictionaries Pro focuses on language dictionaries. Particularly noteworthy are the dictionaries for writers and editors. On a dedicated web page you will find access to:

- The "New Hart's Rules", providing information on all aspects of writing and preparing copy for publication, whether in print or electronically
- The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors
- The New Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors.

What about French dictionaries? The Grand Robert is available here.

So no excuse anymore for misspelling a word, be it in French or in English!

The full list of dictionaries is available here.

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