Beware, after the 11th time you might be addicted!

Most addictions are bad for you, but there are exceptions to everything: during the month of June, as part of the “Move! & eat better” campaign, you are all encouraged to get your bicycles out of the shed and ride them to work at CERN. But beware, even after only 11 times, you may never return to your former means of transport – cycling is addictive and provides you with the inspiration you need for the rest of the day!


This year the Medical Service is organising a campaign called “Move ! & eat better” which will include a whole series of measures and activities. For those of you frustrated with your morning commute to work, hopping on your bicycle can really get your day off to a good start. Linked with “Bouger + & manger mieux / Move ! & eat better”, CERN will participate in the Swiss national “Bike to Work” event, in which teams of 4 colleagues encourage each other to cycle to work at least every other day throughout the month of June.

There are 21 working days in June, so just 11 bicycle days will be enough to take part. However, having done 11, there’s a good chance you’ll go for the 12th ride, and more! As CERN is already collectively taking part in “Bike to Work”, signing up a team is straightforward: simply get together with 3 colleagues and register the team before 31 May. There are no costs for the individual teams, there is no minimum distance and parts of the journey can be done using public transport. There is even an opening for non-cyclists: 1 member per team can participate as a pedestrian, skateboarder or using any other means of transport as long as it does not have an engine.

You might have noticed that there is already another Bike2Work initiative at CERN. The campaigns are complementary; participating in one does not imply that you cannot sign up for the other - on the contrary! However, if you can’t find 3 team mates, you can still join the individual competition that began on 1 March and will last all year long.

There are obviously risks related to the use of bicycles, and everybody is responsible for reducing those risks, be they pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers. For those who are not regular bike users, you have until June to acquire the standard safety equipment. Moreover, the HSE Unit is on hand to advise you and to increase your awareness about safety. Please remember that the route you usually take by car is not necessarily the shortest and safest route when you are cycling. Bicycle maps can be picked up from the Library, the Medical Service and the Reception.

On a practical note, the fear of streaming with perspiration upon arrival is no excuse: there are shower facilities for men and women in the Pump Hall, Building 216.

As if this was not enough, there are also prizes to be won…

Keep an eye on the Bike2Work website for more details and updates!

by Jens Vigen, Bike2Work coordinator for CERN