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TAXATION IN FRANCE - Memorandum concerning the annual internal taxation certificate and the declaration of income for 2011

You are reminded that the Organization levies an internal tax on the financial and family benefits it pays to the members of the personnel (see Chapter V, Section 2 of the Staff Rules and Regulations) and that the members of the personnel are exempt from external taxation on salaries and emoluments paid by CERN. >>

Tax declaration: for the attention of members of the personnel and pensioners living in France

Exchange rate for 2011: For 2011, the average annual exchange rate is 0.81 EUR for CHF 1. >>

News Articles

The PS Booster hits 40  
Safety first  
LHC Report: Ramp-up complete  
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Horizon 2020 in sight  
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Safe cycling!  
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News from the Library: About a dozen prestigious CERN physicists contribute to a special issue of EPJ H  
The year 2012 is already rich in highlights for the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB)  
Piotr Doniec (1987-2012)  

Training and Development

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme: Predictive Monte Carlo tools for LHC physics (1/3)   
Technical training: CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services  
French courses  


Secure Web Developers Needed!  
Visit safety  
One week left to register to the CERN School of Computing 2012 - Deadline 1 May!  


Stand Conseil de la Poste suisse  
The 32nd walk by the Geneva league against cancer  
Geneva University: seminar of particle physics  
CERN Colloquium: The Effects of Limited Resources and Opportunities on Women’s Careers in Physics  
Electromagnetic Simulation Seminar and Opera/Tosca update Seminar  

Staff Association

Information meetings  
Course d'Orientation  
Club Pétanque  
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ConCERNed for Humanity Club and Cine Club  
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