Science by the young for the young

At last week's "Fête de la science", CERN hosted students from Geneva and the Pays de Gex for a full day of (scientific) exchange. 


On 13 October some 140 pupils from Geneva collèges and lycées in the Pays de Gex took part in a cross-border colloquium in the Globe of Science and Innovation entitled “La Science en partage” (Sharing Science) organised by CERN and Euroscience-Léman with the support of the Department of Public Instruction of the Canton of Geneva and the French Ministry of National Education.

During the conference, pupils presented their scientific projects as part of their work for their maturité leaving certificate in Switzerland or for their supervised practical assignments (TPE) in France. Their presentations of their research were notable for their commendable clarity, becoming modesty and not a little humour, highlighting the enthusiasm with which the work had been conducted. The audience was largely made up of fellow pupils and the presentations by these budding researchers were followed up by lively question-and-answer sessions. The day of exchanges between young people, modelled on real scientific colloquia, was wound up with a guided tour of the Laboratory.



by Corinne Pralavorio