Dosimetry: an ARDENT topic

The first annual ARDENT workshop took place in Vienna from 20 to 23 November. The workshop gathered together the Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) and their supervisors, plus other people involved from all the participating institutions.


“The meeting, which was organised with the local support of the Austrian Institute of Technology, was a nice opportunity for the ESRs to get together, meet each other, and present their research plans and some preliminary results of their work,” says Marco Silari, a member of CERN Radiation Protection Group and the scientist in charge of the programme. Two full days were devoted to a training course on radiation dosimetry, delivered by renowned experts. The workshop closed with a half-day visit to the MedAustron facility in Wiener Neustadt.

ARDENT (Advanced Radiation Dosimetry European Network Training) is a Marie Curie ITN project funded under EU FP7 with 4 million. The project focuses on radiation dosimetry exploiting several detector technologies for various applications: the characterization of the stray radiation field around particle accelerators, on board commercial flights and in space, in the medical field (radiation therapy), and for the characterization of radioactive waste.

All the information and slides from the training course are accessible from the ARDENT web site.

by CERN Bulletin