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Mail office

In connection with CERN's annual closure, there will be no mail distributed on Friday 21 December 2012 but mail will be collected in the morning. >>

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Restaurant closures

Christmas Restaurant closures >>

Information for cyclists

Please note that the temporary gate for cyclists on the Prévessin Site will be closed during the winter period starting on 3 December 2012. >>

News Articles

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News from the Library: CERN Bookshop Christmas sales  

Official News

End-of-year closure 2012/2013  
Pension payment dates in 2013  

Training and Development

Technical training - Places available  


The Higgs boson at the LHC - a voyage to the heart of matter | by Christophe GROJEAN | December 18  
Séminaire de physique corpusculaire⎪5 December  

Staff Association

Research without a budget, Europe without a future  
A new logo for the CERN Staff Association  
Cine Club  
CERN Choir