A new Executive Committee for 2013

The Staff Council met Tuesday, December 4th in an ordinary session. In agreement with the Statutes of the CERN Staff Association the Staff Council had to elect the Executive Committee for  2013. As there were no elections to the Staff Council this year, Michel Goossens, outgoing president and unique candidate for that fonction, presented a list for the Executive Committee which is quite similar to that of 2012.

Some people change functions: Céline Grobon becomes Vice-President, Marcel Aymon Secretary, and Lawrence Faisandel Treasurer. Philippe Trilhe is the new departmental delegate to EN Department. There are also three new coordinators for standing committees: Frédéric Galleazzi, Juan Jose Perez Garcia, and Yves Sillanoli. Michel then presented the 2013 programme to the Staff Council.

At the end of his presentation Michel thanked all Staff Council delegates for their dedication and motivation throughout the year. He particularly thanked Marcel Aymon, one of the two Vice-Presidents, who after four years in that function, decided to step down to give way to a representative of the next generation. For well over two decades Marcel has been a Staff Council delegate and has also represented the Staff Association in several official committees. Although in a less visible role Marcel will now actively participate in coaching younger members of the Staff Council to prepare them to take up responsibilities in the near future. Applause greeted Marcel’s longstanding dedication to the Staff Association.

In his response, Marcel remarked that it had been an honour for him to be a Staff Council delegate for almost 25 years representing the CERN community with the different social actors of the Organization. His watchword has always been to respect his interlocutors, despite possible differences of ideas. This approach ensures, in principle, that one is respected in turn. He emphasized the essential contribution of various presidents with whom he had had the pleasure of working and their working methods.

Michel went on to thank Serge Grillot, who decided to leave the Executive Committee to devote himself more completely to his work for LS1. Serge also received the cheers of all those present.

Jean-François Michaud and Michel Vitasse, GAC delegates to the Staff Council, counted the ballots. The proposed list with the President and his colleagues was elected with 19 votes in favour, one against, one abstention and two spoiled ballots.

Michel thanked those present for their confidence. He said he was convinced that in a spirit of team work and cohesion, all delegates to the Staff Council will continue to be a force of dialogue, innovation and persuasion. When representing the interests of staff members, past, present and future, and their families, the Staff Association has always acted as a responsible partner that respects its social partners – Management and Member States. He concluded by wishing that in the future the concertation process, in particular that for the five-yearly review of 2015, will be conducted in good faith, transparency and mutual respect of the different parties.

In recent months, attacks on international civil servants in the UN and on officials in the various departments of the EU have increased. It is therefore important that, together, united with the staff representatives of all these organizations, we make our voices heard, highlighting the advantages of a strong international civil service in all areas, scientific, social, economic, etc. Initiatives in this direction will be undertaken early in 2013.

Michel GOOSSENS IT Président
Philippe DEFERT IT Vice-président, Secrétaire général
Céline GROBON PH Vice-présidente
Marcel AYMON HR Secrétaire
Laurent FAISANDEL GS Trésorier/ Délégué départemental (à partir de juin 2013)
Sandrine BAUDAT FP Membre / Déléguée départementale
Nicolas DELRUELLE TE Membre / Déléguée départementale
Jacques FICHET DG Membre / Déléguée départementale
Michael LUDWIG BE Membre / Déléguée départementale
Sonia MALLON GS Membre / Déléguée départementale (jusqu’à juin 2013)
Jacob PANMAN PH Membre / Déléguée départementale
Philippe TRILHE EN Membre / Déléguée départementale
Flavio COSTA IT Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission juridique
Sébastien ÉVRARD EN Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission cas particuliers
Frédéric GALLEAZZI EN Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission hygiène et sécurité
Juan Jose GARCIA PEREZ TE Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission conditions d’emploi
Joël LAHAYE EN Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission protection sociale
Alessandro RAIMONDO EN Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission pensions
Yves SILLANOLI TE Invité permanent / Coordinateur commission InFormAction


The Staff Association wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

by Staff Association